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Karura Forest

Barneys Airstrip
July 11, 2015

Sometime in 2015, (I am not sure when), my life became very busy hence I had not seen a lot of my friends for quite some time. So last weekend, I decided to take to put one Sunday aside and get to spend the whole day with a special girl (read as gal) pal. First thing we did was go to KICC.


Have you ever wanted to feel like God (even for a split second)? If your answer is yes, then you need to find a way to go to the top of KICC.
**I wanted to take pictures of Nairobi from the top of KICC but unfortunately its crazy expensive to take a camera to the top of KICC (broke me couldn’t afford so my phone had to do the job).


After KICC, I decided to go to Karura forest so that I can be one with nature.


I was actually amazed how much fun we had. Karuara forest has many activities for individuals or families. There is bike riding, walks, dog walking, jogging, picnics, and tennis. One other thing that is a huge plus for me is the ambiance.

Mwende and I decided to go bike riding. I kept falling off my bike at the beginning because I had forgotten how to ride a bike but with each try, I got better and better and eventually I was riding like my life depended on it. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than riding a bike and the wind is blowing through your hair; I felt like I was driving a convertible (Ok maybe not quite the same… but hey my dreams are valid).




For once I felt one with nature. Even as bugs flew right into my face, I was okay with it. I enjoyed the beautiful green scenery and flowers.



 Until nwxt time…


  1. Lyra Aoko says:

    Your images are so beautiful Lenana. Great content!

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