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Monikos Kitchen

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July 15, 2015
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August 1, 2015

The other day I woke up and I was on a mission. Even though it was cold, I was determined to find what I was looking for. I was craving a really good juicy burger and I wanted a place that would give me that…

I called up some friends, and after naming 150 millions places, we decided to head to valley arcade so we could eat at Monikos Kitchen; Lavington’s hidden treasure.

Monikos Kitchen is a neighbourhood restaurant that is actually hidden behind java house (one has to walk past java) at valley arcade. It is beautiful serene place… the perfect place to catch up with people.

The Ambiance

Right in the centre of this little neighbourhood restaurant is a beautiful (obviously well maintained) garden that has the most beautiful flowers and cute little lanterns that have carefully been placed around the garden… Right in the middle of the little garden, is a big lovely big fountain that lightly and calmly spews water.


Photo Credits: Hip Africa Website –

The Food

Let me tell you guys, I was so hungry that I was ready to sample all the items on the menu (but, I had to maintain some level of manners).
We started first ordered Salads (as starters)… then ordered the main meal.
I ordered a burger (because their burgers are the bomb diggity… for real) and my friend ordered lamb chops.


The burger was big, juicy, and literally melted in my mouth.
The chicken was seasoned just right.
What made me even happier was the fact that they are not mean with the fries (for some reason that matters to me).


Photo Credits: Hip Africa Website –


After we had our food, we realized there is some room in our tummies and we were ready to have some dessert.
Guys… I have found a new obsession; in fact, it’s safe to say that I am ADDICTED to their apple crumble #GuiltyPleasures. The sweetness, and warmth of the apple crumble, plus the cold ice-cream made me experience a burst of yumminess in my mouth (words cannot even tell you how good it tasted… *wipes off drool*). Monikos apple crumble is literally heaven on a plate. I cannot even tell you guys how many times we ended up ordering the dessert…. I am convinced the best way to bond with the homies is over some apple crumble… Maybe? Perhaps? (but hey… that’s just me)


Photo Credits: Susan Lucky Wong – Capital FM Website –

Why lie, their food is good… what makes their food worth it, is the fact that it is filling. After having their burger and fries (which costs about Ksh 800/= ) you are pretty much sorted; I didn’t even eat dinner (maybe it was all the apple crumble though lol).

The Service

So, when we got to Valley arcade, we were hungry, so we bought some Milya’s Popcorn (I am pretty sure that popcorn did not even last 5 minutes).  The waiter found us scrambling for the baksheesh (the last) of the popcorn. He took our orders as he teased us about how hungry we were and then left our table. 5 minutes later, he came back to our table and put a bowl of perfectly salted popcorn for us to eat as we waited for our food. By the way, we didn’t ask for it and he didn’t charge us for it… Now that, is great customer service.
Great job Monikos!!!

After a hearty meal, we spent the rest of the day laughing over some cold drinks, talking about life; our hopes, dreams, wants, wishes… as we enjoyed the perfect Sunday 🙂

Until next time…


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  2. I will disagree with you on this,I had some salty pasta and waiters took long for their orders,lets just say my date was not impressed and I am still single ,Thank you Monikos.

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