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Camping Done Right at Oloiden Camping Site

Kiambethu Tea Farm
August 1, 2015
A Little Romance at Ololo Safari Lodge
August 18, 2016

“Hey babe, we go camping this weekend?”

Nothing in this world could have prepared me for that question because;
I knew his version of camping was different from my version of camping (I do glamping looool)….
Like seriously… My idea of camping is more like a tent with a bed and everything (hey don’t just me)

Anyway, let’s get back on track…

So on Saturday morning, I got up early to pack. I had a camping checklist (being the super-organized person I am)
and I had to ensure that I packed everything on it.

My Camping Checklist:-

3 Small blankets

A pair of bed sheets

A pillow

2 Towels

Obviously a million and one clothes (let’s be honest, I needed to be ready for any possible occasion…)

Yummy junk food (lots of it)

My iPod (preloaded with a whole lot of music)

My Note 10.1 Tablet  from Samsung Kenya (preloaded with a whole lot of books)

My warm cozy knitted Socks from Soxi

Once I had thrown everything into the trunk of my car,
I hugged my loving (super protective) parents goodbye.
I passed by Nakumatt Ridgeways on my way out of Nairobi,
and I bought a nice small mattress (because of the way my lifestyle is set up… ) and a tent.

I was now ready to go camping…

The ride was amazing.
I was alone in my car jamming and dancing (rather badly to be honest).

Finally, I reached Naivasha.

When I arrived at my destination;
Oloiden camping site, my jaw dropped open, the place was absolutely gorgeous.
The grass was green (as in super green), the camping ground was right by the lake,
and the hills behind the lake were the cherry on top of the cake.

The place was peaceful and serene; the perfect place for my people and I to relax and catch up for the rest of the weekend.

Oloiden Camping Grounds

At 5:30 the next morning, I was woken up to watch the sun rise.
Usually I am not a morning person…
but the beauty that was the sunrise…. (wacha tu…)
I even forgot how grumpy I was.
The lake on one side was a lovely golden colour, and on the other side was grey with a whole lot of mist as the sun played hide and seek behind the hills.

Sunrise at Oloiden Camping Ground

Sunrise at Oloiden Camping Grounds

As the Sun came up, the view of the lake got clearer….

This picture (the one below) was the view from my tent.
When ever I would open up my tent, I would soak up all this beauty…

View From My Tent at Oloiden Camping Grounds

Oloiden Camping Grounds

Scenery at Oloiden Camping Grounds

I spent the better part of my morning by the lake taking a nice stroll,
filled with great conversation, and random pictures of small objects by the lake…

Stone By The Lake Side at Oloiden Camping Ground

Tree Stump at Oloiden Camping Ground

After breakfast, I took a lovely hot shower.
(*BTW the place has clean bathrooms and showers just in case you are wondering).

Bathroom & Toilet Facilities at Oloiden Camping Ground

I decided to spend my day just bumming.
Unfortunately, I am not the kind of girl who is willing to go climb mountains and run 10KMs…
I would rather sit pretty with a book.
My idea of a perfect afternoon is chilling, with good music, chocolate chip cookies, and lots of books (right by the lake of course).

My Camping Essentials for Oloiden Camping Grounds

On our last night, we had a lovely dinner by the lake (it was some sort of couples dinner) that was set up underneath a canopy,
with beautiful lighting, under the soft light of the moon.
The dinner was amazing; we sat and talked about various issues and thoughts and bonded with our various partners.
I couldn’t have asked for a better setting…

**unfortunately, I didn’t take any picture of our dinner set-up… I was too busy having a good time lol.

In conclusion (I feel I have talked too much lol)…

Warm Comfortable knitted Socks/shoes from Soxi | **Also One of My Camping Essentials


That weekend was a much-needed break and getaway for me.
It gave me the chance to disconnect from my usual life
(due to the fact that there is no place to charge any electronic devices… unless you talk to the guy behind the bar nicely)
which enabled me to have some me time.
I also got to make new friends; this camping trip removed me from my comfort zone and my usual friends and I got to mix and mingle with new people as well.
Most importantly, it gave me time to bond with the people I love the most 🙈; and just have a stress-free fun weekend.

Looking for a place to go off the grid?
Look no further; Oloiden Camping Site is the spot.
It is beautiful, spacious, quiet and a popular spot for many people (hence a great place to meet new people).
The price is right; looking at, Ksh 700 per night if you bring your own tent (which is what I did).
If you do not have a tent, they have tents for hire… If you decide to hire a tent, you are looking at:-

– Ksh 8,000 per night, for the Dumbo Jumbo Tent that sleeps 8 people.
– Ksh 7,000 per night, for the Kizingo tent that sleeps, 5 people
– Ksh 4,500 per night, for the Orange Quad Tent that sleeps, 4 people
– Ksh 1,750 per night, for the Single or Double raised tent that sleeps, 3 people

*The prices may vary…

In regards to food, we bought our food, and paid a cook/chef to cook it for us …
(which is what most people at the camp site did. Others even had their nyama choma grill and jikos {small cookers} out to cook their own food).
I like that arrangement better because it lets people eat whatever they feel like and prepare food with their own specifications.
They also have a restaurant on the camping site (though I can’t say anything about it because I didn’t eat there).

Until next time…

*Click->  HERE  to go to Oloiden Camping Site’s Website to get more in-depth information plus the location of the camping site.

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  1. Patience says:

    Hun the photography is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to more of your posts

  2. Bree says:

    Beautiful piece…. Captures a beautiful place…. And beautiful photos… 🙂

  3. Jerry says:

    Going there ASAP, I trust your taste . Nice read accompanied with the captivating photos. Felt like I was/been there

  4. Very nice! By default I cant NOT like a post about camping 🙂 Well written with all the pertinent information and some sweet photos to top it all off.

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