July 4, 2017

Attitude Tea

I am currently obsessed with Kericho Gold's Attitude tea. If happiness had a taste, I'm pretty sure it would taste a lot like Kericho Gold's - Attitude Tea collection... Each box is packed with 25 tea bags of pure happiness. Let's call it, a taste of happiness and a little bit of attitude in one warm cup of tea.
June 12, 2017

Kika Lodge

KIKA LODGE is such an amazing place and it boasts the most beautiful views. The whole lodge is strategically placed on a very high point, so visitors get to enjoy the breathtaking views from every part of the lodge; from the restaurant to the rooms. KIKA is an amazing place.
June 12, 2017

The Chalets At River House

For a second there I forgot how amazing a simple life can be. This weekend gave me the opportunity to eat lovely food, pray, and love every moment of the simple life. I officially love my home away from home.

Few words about me

I like the smell of earth, the beauty of nature, the feeling of fresh air on my face, the touch of the waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive.