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Here Comes The Rain

Beautiful Bangkok (Part 1)!
January 23, 2018
Ol Pejeta Conservancy
October 23, 2017

Rain is just confetti from the sky

The short rains are here... and I am loving every minute of it. Why? Because I get to wake up to the most beautiful mornings. The raindrops & morning dew makes everything glisten and shine; it's like God throws small little particles of diamond dust all over. All the beautiful colors are so deep and vivid.... The best part is, the rain comes with the promise of a rainbow... who doesn't love a rainbow? This must be what love feels like; right? Whatever it is; it feels right and I want it to last....


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  1. avivar says:

    I love the feel of rain when it hits my skin, and you my dear have captured it perfectly. You are right, rain is just confetti from the sky.

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