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Vegan Cake from Pieces & Slices

Sunday Brunch at 360 Degrees Pizza
July 13, 2017
The One Forty Eight Boutique Hotel
July 28, 2017


Yesterday, I had a lovely slice of happiness. If I were to describe what happiness tastes like, I would probably say it taste a lot like the vegan black forest cake I had yesterday.
I’m not a super healthy person… (a salad here and there keeps me going hahaha). However, lately, I have been trying to do things differently and change things up (because the way my diet is set up… Let’s just say I need to eat a little better *bites into a cheese burger*). Every time I sat and imagined what a vegan cake would taste like, I figured that I would be unamused… (kind of like how children feel about eating their vegetables). However, Sharon Bousi (a local vegan baker; founder of Pieces & Slices) proved me wrong.


(You can quote me on that) So yesterday, after a long day of work, Sharon Bousi delivered a big white box filled with happiness. Truth be told, I could wait to get home and have me a slice, because that cake was smelling GOOOOOD and looking amazing.
Cutting that cake was probably the hardest thing I had to do this week. It looked oh so pretty… It felt so wrong cutting it up. So after gathering some strength… I finally cut up the cake and put a big slice on a plate for me to indulge.

One thing I really hate about (a good amount) of Kenyan Bakers, is the way they make cakes. Many of them use shortcuts (when making cakes) so that they can make a good profit. Then, we as customers are forced to bite into pieces of; overpriced, sugar- coated cakes, that taste of pure raw fat. (You’re better of taking a spoon, and eating the Croma straight from the box… and sprinkling a bag of sugar for taste). I think that is the reason I really appreciated this cake. It was just the right amount of sweet and didn’t have that disgusting Croma taste. It was a yummy cake, that didn’t make me feel like I was eating pure fat. The cream was nice and fluffy…
The best part is, no animal products were used to make the cake (hence it’s vegan). Sharon carefully substitutes all animal products to ensure the cake is strictly vegan but still maintains the heavenly taste that we all love and crave for.


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  1. You: Trying to be healthy…
    Also you: *bites into cheese burger*

  2. Stella Kimani says:

    Can’t wait to try it out

  3. Simply Siro says:

    A salad here and cheesburgers and fries there life is about vegan cake i would think it tastes like cardbpard but this cake looks amazing..might try it!

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