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Sunday Brunch at 360 Degrees Pizza

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July 4, 2017
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July 19, 2017


I’m a firm believer in…
“Sunday’s are for brunch!!!”


A few years ago, my big sister introduced me to Sunday Brunches, and I have never looked back.
You see, brunch is a great excuse to eat breakfast at any time of the day (and we all know that breakfast is bae).
Brunch is also a great excuse to eat your steak with eggs and toast, and not feel weird about it.
Brunch is a great excuse to mix your alcohol with fresh juice and not have people worrying about your life choices.

There are maaaany places that offer brunch on Sundays,
but I am always up tp trying new places (have any ideas? Leave me a comment below please).

On this particular Sunday, my sister and I woke up HUNGRY! They only thing that would help us was… (you guessed it) Sunday Brunch.
We sat down and tried to figure out where to do Brunch.
We wanted somewhere affordable, preferably not a buffet.
Most importantly, we wanted a place with a solid crowd.

After a while of thinking and not coming up with a place that tickled our fancy, we decided on a safe bet; Java ABC place.

My sister had ordered an iced green tea, and we just about to order our meals, when we randomly decided to ask 360 degrees Pizza if they offered brunch.
As soon as they told as that they did have a brunch menu, we quickly ditched Java and walked across (it’s clear that we are definately not loyal).

360 degrees Pizza, is still part of Java, so at least they let my sister move with her drink and Java didn’t catch any feelings.


I’ve always gone to 360 Degrees Pizza for Pizza only… I’m so obsessed with  their Memphis Chicken Pizza
(it’s basically just a really delicious and fancy BBQ Chicken pizza).

But I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had brunch as well.
(I am well aware that I may late to the party… but what matters is that I still came).


Customer Service

If you have read through my blog, you have probably picked up on the fact that I am super big on customer service.
That said, their customer service is on point. I love walking into places and instantly feeling like I’m ‘boys’ with the staff.
The staff here made my sister and I feel super comfortable and they were very quick to bring our food (that earned them bonus points).

They made a few friendly jokes (I’m always down for a joke or two) and were willing to help me figure out what to order.
(I’m those people that will stare at a menu for 1hr and still find it difficult to pick just one thing, because, everything looks soooo good #HungryGirlProblems)

They checked on us every now and then to ensure that we were enjoying every aspect of our brunch.
The manager (Mr. Victon Lugaga) ensured that everything was going smoothly on everyone’s table.
We loved that he took the time to talk to people; he was super hands on.

The Food

I know all you really want to know is, “was the brunch good?”
YAAAAASSSS! That brunch was everything and more.
I love how everything blended well in my mouth.
I am obsessed with their hash brown though (I was short of going to ask for the recipe).
A lot of hash browns are simply just hash browns, but these were HASHBROWNS!!!!!
That’s why I was a little sad that they gave me just 2 (LOL).

The best part was, I was super full. I literally had no more room for anything else.

I had steak and eggs, with hash browns, and a salad. I also had a side of sourdough bread toast.
My sister had the Eggs Benedict, with hash browns, and sourdough toast.





My sister and I were so impressed with their brunch, that we went back for more (and brought some friends along to share in this new found joy).
Would I tell my friends to try out 360 Degrees Pizza brunch? YES!
It tastes amazing, it’s pocket-friendly, the service is amazing, the outside patio is the perfect chill spot…
As in what more do you need for a perfect Sunday brunch?

Until next time…


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