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Kiambethu Tea Farm

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August 1, 2015
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April 14, 2016

This weekend, I was literally forced into solitude and shockingly, I loved it.

To be honest, I had a mini panic attack because I didn’t want to be alone. Thing is, all my friends were either busy or not around, so I had to do something I had not done in a very long time; I had to spend a whole day by myself.

I got into my car, started my car, plugged in my iPod and began my mini road trip to Kiambethu Tea Farm. The music was great, the weather was fantastic and the drive was scenic.

Limuru - Drive to Kiambethu Tea Farm

Limuru – Drive to Kiambethu Tea Farm

 When you reach Kiambethu tea farm, you are met by such warm people and also Fiona Vernon; the lovely lady that runs the place.

Main House at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Main House at Kiambethu Tea Farm

After some small talk, Fiona led me into the farm-house and offered me some homemade cookies, with some tea (surely what would be the point of going to a tea farm and not have any tea).

Cup of Tea at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Cup of Tea at Kiambethu Tea Farm

There are many different groups of people who came so we were given some time to mingle and get to talk to each other. Fiona then sat us down in front of a fire-place in her warm and cosy living room where she gave one very interesting talk about Kenyan history, the history of the place, tea farming/cultivation and she showed us how tea looks at different stages (when picked, after it is processed etc).

Tea Presentation at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Tea Presentation at Kiambethu Tea Farm

To me, Kiambethu is beautiful, yes the grounds are green, and they make you just want to run around in the grass…

Grounds at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Grounds at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Plant at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Plant at Kiambethu Tea Farm

however, Kiambethu farm is beautiful to me because of the animals that it hosts. It literally spoke to the animal lover in me 🙂

Bird at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Bird at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Duck at Kiambethu Tea Farm

Duck at Kiambethu Tea Farm

We were also taken to the actual tea plantation. I have never been soooooo excited to see so much tea it was like heaven for me (no I am not a luhya lol)

Tea Farm at Kimabethu

Tea Farm at Kimabethu

The tour didn’t end there. We were taken into a beautiful dark forest and our tour guide gave us a detailed lesson on the different medicinal trees and what they help with curing and how to use them.

Then we went back to the farm-house…

Fiona being the lovely host that she is, gave us a snack and then she served as with an amazing simple buffet of home cooked meal with drinks.

Food At Kimabethu Tea Farm

Food At Kimabethu Tea Farm

Like me, there are people out there that get scared at the thought of being alone or spending time by themselves. We don’t always have to spend all our time around people. What happens when, like me, you have no one? Does your life stop?

I realise now that Kiambethu farm was an important stepping stone for me. For me, this trip was about learning to enjoy my own company. I was able to make new friends, gain knowledge, enjoy my hobby of taking pictures and honestly it was all worth it.


Going to Kiambethu Tea Farm was a great experience for me. It is a beautiful place for one to quickly get away for a few hours. The tour and talks helped me learn things I did not know about before (about tea and about the medicinal use of various plants and trees). The customer service at the place is absolutely amazing (this is a big plus for me). The one thing I had a problem with was the price tag (Ksh 3,200). The food was nice; your typical homemade beef, rice, and vegetables with a drink… However, I don’t feel I got value for my money in regards to the food.

Have any of you been here before? Feel free to tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

Until next time…

*Click->  HERE  to see a map of the exact location of Kiambethu Tea Farm.

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  1. jenny says:

    Awesome gal. Those scenery looks sooo amazing…

  2. Solitude is always best to ‘reset and rebuild’. Awesome piece!

  3. Danielle says:

    Woow!! Now this is what you call beauty and professionalism!! The shots are just amazing! Hellen, a friend of yours shared this site with us and I thank the good Lord she did! God bless your talent! It’s over the top!

    • Hey Danielle,
      Thank you so much for making my day! I am just testing the waters as I learn; so I am so happy when I get reviews as warm as yours. Thank you! Please do share if you can 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    The beauty of solitude. Lovely article.

  5. Rhena Nguru says:

    Life will, from time to time, throw ‘alone’ moments or days at you.This is your first of many. If you can gill such moments with shots and memories like these,you should be just fine.

    Keep taking them photos,you have a good eye.

  6. Eve Ng'ang'a says:

    Lovely article! I should look into having such moments..the beauty of solitude!

  7. Jerroh says:

    I have munchies now. Next time Im coming. Nice scenery #hotbed of Imagery

  8. Joyce Angeline says:

    Wow… Just.. Wow

  9. Mo says:

    Pardon me, but what’s the ‘damage’?

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