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The Chalets At River House

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March 10, 2017
Kika Lodge
June 12, 2017

How many of you have watched the movie Eat Pray Love?

The movie is about a lady; Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) who has everything a modern woman dreams of having – a husband, a house, a successful career – yet like so many others, she finds herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wants in life.
Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery.
In her travels, she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy; the power of prayer in India, and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali.

I would have loved to travel to three different countries (but the way my bank account is set up… those are jokes 😂).
Even though my bank account refused to cooperate with me, I was determined to embark on my own eat, pray, love journey;
but instead of travelling to 3 different countries, I figured Gilgil would do the trick.

So on Friday, after a long day of work, my sister and I packed up the car and we were ready to head to Gilgil.

The Chalet

My parents go to Gilgil very often, so they had decided to rent one of the Chalets at River House.
The chalet they rented would end up being my home for the weekend.

I was super excited to spend the weekend eating, praying, and loving every single moment.

A picture of one of the chalets at River House

The chalets are these small cute cottages right after Pembroke House School (it’s a dusty road you cannot miss it).
River House has more than one chalet (so please don’t panic) and they are scattered around a nice bushy environment.


Even though the environment is bushy, It’s still neat and super beautiful.
Each house has neatly manicured lawns around them, and with all the bush, there is a lot of privacy (so if you’re a nosy body; sorry)


Inside The Chalet

The Chalets are nice simple homes. What you pay for is renting the house, everything else (including food) you have to figure out.
It is furnished by the way (so please don’t be that person that comes with sofas lol).
The chalet comes equipped with all the basic necessities so life is not very difficult.

When I entered the front door of our Chalet, I entered the kitchen. It was small and cute, with a huge window on the side; to let in a good amount of light.



After walking through the kitchen, I found myself in a cosy open area; where the sitting room and dining room are.
This lovely house has no internet (and I barely had any bundles), or TV,  so it’s the perfect place to bond with people with no distractions.



The house has a few plates, spoons (forks…knives… etc), cups and bowls – basically whatever you will need to eat.
So it’s comforting to know that one doesn’t need to pack up their whole house to come here.


Gilgil can get COLD!!!!

(Especially at night… so if you have plans of wearing booty-shorts and tank-tops, I don’t know how to help you)
Thank God there is a small little fireplace, and we carried our own throws (blankets) and hot water bottles to ensure we were warm all through.


The Bedrooms

Our house had 3 bedrooms. One master, and 2 other rooms.
2 rooms upstairs (that is the master and 1 room), and then the room that sleeps 3 is downstairs.

(The rooms are super spacious…so they can handle many people).

The master bedroom is BIG!!! With one huge window that lets in the perfect amount of light.
The bed is big and comfortable and there is a lot of free space to move around the room.




The other room (that was still upstairs), was not so big. It can sleep 3 people (but I think that may be a little bit of a stretch… perhaps if the 3rd person is a Kid).


The Bathroom Situation


The bathroom upstairs is shared by the two rooms.
The bathroom downstair in shared by that one room with can sleep 3 people.

The bathroom upstairs has the basic shower, and toilet.
The one downstairs has a bathtub (YES I said bathtub), and toilet.

The water is ALWAYS hot (provided you turn on the heater). With how cold the nights can get, hot showers are a must have.

Exploring The Environment

For anyone that is into nature as much as I am… you would love the look and feel of this place.
There is so much nature, and fresh air, it feels amazing. I spent a good amount of my days outside taking it all in.


The outside has a nice barbeque area (and a grill) for anyone that wants to have a nice chill afternoon outside with people, eating grilled nyama ‘meat’ or grilled vegetables (whatever tickles your fancy), and catching stories.
There is also a dining table outside for those of you that cannot eat while standing…


My weekend in Gilgil was exactly what I needed.

(I got to explore and find amazing places like KIKA LODGE… click-> HERE to read about it)

I got to enjoy a weekend away without the everyday distractions.
I was far way in the beautiful bush, with no internet, entertainment, and little communication with people and…
I LOVED every moment of it!!!
For a second there I forgot how amazing a simple life can be.
This weekend gave me the opportunity to eat lovely food, pray, and love every moment of the simple life.


… She chose to live in a way that supported the tranquility of her soul.

– Caroline Myss

Until next time…

*Click->  HERE  to go to the Chalet at River house Air BnB Profile.
Use the same link to make reservations.


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  2. Maria says:

    Dear Lenana,

    Thank you for posting this. It has given a lot of psyche to visit the Chalet this month for a birthday getaway!
    Noting that you’ve mentioned that there are more than one Chalets, is there any one of them with the best view?
    I’d especially want to know if there is one close to the lake.

    Secondly, how did you make a reservation when you visited and what were the terms of payment?
    Did you make a deposit and pay the rest on arrival or did you pay the entire amount up front?

    Kind regards,

    • Lenana says:

      You should… they are really nice and cheap. Aaaah the area is bushy so most of the views are just bushes. Unfortunately, this place is not near a lake… but it’s still so worth it.

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