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Kika Lodge

The Chalets At River House
June 12, 2017
Attitude Tea
July 4, 2017

A Sight To Behold

As I was enjoying my eat, pray, love moments at The Chalets at River House (In Gilgil), I noticed a small little sign written “Kika Lodge” on the same bumpy road.

This was not the first time we had seen this sign.
Each time I saw the sign, I grew more and more curious; so one day I decided to take a detour and check it out.

I walked in and the place was empty (I love places that are not packed btw… so I was not disappointed).
I was greeted by the most friendly manager who proceeded to give us a quick tour of the clubhouse as he told us his life story.

Finally, after enough stories, he led us to where we were going to sit; the top floor of the clubhouse.
The view from the top of the clubhouse was absolutely beautiful.
We were overlooking lots of green, lush, beautiful land, and the bluest sky I had ever seen …


The Food

Photo Credits: Kika Lodge Website;

Photo Credits: Kika Lodge Website;

I’m not sure if it was because I was hungry, but I felt the food took centuries to come (and if you know me, a hungry Lenana is an angry Lenana).

So there I was sitting, waiting for food… as I enjoyed every moment of the beautiful view.

The food finally came, I’m not even sure if I was chewing it…
but Let me tell you guys… that food was BOMB!

The fries were nice and fresh (not like those places that just re-heat for you the ones from last week and feel nothing).
These fries looked good and tasted even better.
With each eat bite, I could feel the anger fade away and a smile forming on my face…
The fish was nice as well, full of flavour, and the veggies were delicious.
The food, in general, was so worth the trouble.


After a hearty lunch, we were given the tour of the rooms.
The rooms are amazing and spacious. They have some sort of luxury tent (canvas) feel to them…
(so if you are like me, and Maasai Mara is not in your budget… here is an option.. don’t say we didn’t tell you).

The rooms have very few walls… it’s kind of open plan, so it has a wall around it and many half walls; to give you a smidge of privacy (especially in the bathroom).
Since the room has the canvas tent around it, one can unzip the tents and get a lot of sunlight, air, and breathtaking views.

The rooms though…
They were amazing!
Ebu just peep are these photos and see for yourself….




Since the room is open plan, the bathroom is literally right behind the bed.
It’s probably made like this for couples (if you ain’t a couple… I’m not sure what your game plan will be hahaha).


Each room has a sort of sitting area. The individual rooms have just two chairs and a coffee table, while the “family cottages” come with a common sitting area.
All the rooms have spectacular views (this was a serious selling point for me).

The Family rooms (or cottages) have a nice jacuzzi on the balcony, where one can take a warm dip while enjoying beautiful views.



I guess sometimes being super curious is not a bad thing…

It has always been said that “curiosity killed the cat” but personally I think, “satisfaction brought it back”
Nothing in this world feels as good as that satisfaction you get once you find out what something is all about.

Some people may call it being nosy (which btw I am), butI like to think of it as exploring, or doing research…

KIKA LODGE is such an amazing place….
With the most beautiful views.
The whole lodge is placed somewhere very high, so every part of the lodge (from the restaurant to the rooms) has the most breathtaking views.
The rooms are spacious and unique feel to it.
The food is amazing and fresh
The service is great… what more do you need anyway?

To be honest, I probably would have never found KIKA if I was not staying at the Chalets at River House (click->  here to read about the place).
Funny how life works out ey?


Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures.

-By Unkown

Until next time…

*Click->  HERE  to go to the Kika Lodge Website.
You can use the email; to make reservations.


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